Enter Trium

Three Distinct Components Tailored to Support Trium’s Clients


Trium Cyber is built around a core of industry leading professionals using the latest proprietary underwriting methodology

Risk Management

In addition to proprietary underwriting, Trium Cyber provides clients with complimentary cyber risk management

Loss Mitigation

Our management team uses our own advanced claims platform providing
customers fast and accurate service

About Trium Cyber

In Latin, Trium is the Inflected Form of Trēs or Three

Trium Cyber was born out of the idea that novel solutions are needed to solve complex problems in the sphere of cybersecurity. Despite top-line growth over the years, the cyber insurance market has experienced significant challenges at all points of the value-chain.

Three distinct components tailored to support Trium’s Insureds, and more broadly, promote market stability and the effective management of cyber risk.

  • Proprietary underwriting methodology

  • Comprehensive risk management capabilities

  • Real-time loss mitigation services

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